MKE – Week 21 (year 3) Tools for Expanding…

Those darn peptides! In the past, when I felt a negative emotion coming on, I would succumb to it and lose my darn mind, so to speak! It was like a drug, falling into that anger, self pity, complaining, whining…even if it was short lived!

Now, if I feel a tiny bit of it coming, I literally smile and breathe and think gratitude, abundance, joy. I feel alive! Knowing I can feel those things makes me understand that I am a feeling being. I can FEEL and attach any feeling to any thought. So I immediately change that possible negative to love and gratitude.

The great thing is that those icky feeling come way less than they used to, and I welcome them because now I can deal with them.


MKE – Week 20 (year 3) Revelations

So I have to confess that I’ve been doing the work but not feeling the feels, if that makes sense. I have noticed that I’ve been a bit edgy and distracted at work. I own a nutrition club and my right hand lady is moving on to open her own club. Basically we’ve run this place like a top, well oiled machine for over 8 months and we’re beyond successful…lot of people coming in every day, lots of money, etc….

I was in denial that she was leaving so didn’t do anything to fill her spot. A very BIG spot, mind you. Then I finally got off my butt and realized I better hop to it and find some replacements. In the mean time, I’d been cranky, rushed, little things weren’t going right, I was complaining, etc.

Then I started interviewing and hiring people. During training I was critical and hovering over people and NEW it wasn’t right. It didn’t feel right. I said and did things that weren’t necessary…of course, the whole while thinking that no one would every replace my awesome partner and whoa is me.

I finally did a good sit and focused on the LESSON here. If we didn’t separate and move on, we would not grow. We were both in our comfort zones and geez why not stay there BUT we both knew we had to move on. Kicking and screaming or not, we had to do it.

So I was finally able to wrap my head around it that we’d both be better off AND we’d be opening up opportunities for so many other people. People we haven’t even met yet. Did I ever realize that when you feel uncomfortable KEEP GOING and the best will come!

I know something MASSIVE is going to come from this comfort zone stretch. Massive for both of us and our friends/families. I am sooooo much more relaxed about it all now, and I’m guessing my trainees feel better too! Ha!

Thank you MASTER KEYS!


MKE – Weeks 19 (Year 3) A Week Off!

SUPER BOWL! Last week was weird not being on the webinar BUT the coffee was fabulous. I loved that Mark said “give up what you think people think of you”.

That is HUGE but we focus so much on this that it controls our lives. If we just didn’t focus on it, imagine how we’d feel and what we’d accomplish.

I kept on track and focused on my SIT and wow how things came to me. I asked for guidance and answers and they came to me. It’s just incredible.

But man do we have to keep up on every little thing. I feel like I can slip so quickly and easily if I don’t continue with every exercise and positive/constructive thoughts.

More on that to come….

MKE – Week 18 (year 3) – Deep Reflection

I know I just wrote week 17 but I need to catch up so here’s week 18. Similar thoughts but a little deeper.

I find the sit is what pulls it all together. That is the one thing I NEVER miss and I make it great. I do it the same, in the same place, I get super comfortable and I LET GO. I just let go and the 20 or so minutes seems like seconds. Find your thing and do it well, every single time.

I have had some amazing epiphanies during my sits. I ask specific questions, I see every detail of things that I desire. It’s the place where anything I want happens. It’s where I completely connect with Source. I give thanks, I ask for guidance, I send loving thoughts to others. It’s just beautiful and tricky to put into words.

I just know that everything works out. I just breathe deeply, feel grateful, and smile. It’s an energy, a very good, positive energy and I am so grateful for it, every moment of it.

MKE – Week 17 (year 3) – Going Strong

Lots to write about! Emerson, Franklin Makeover, Obits, Kindness!

I feel like I often write the same things, maybe because that’s what’s on my mind. I know that I am seeing things differently, I’m paying more attention, being in the moment. Enjoying the little things that happen daily.

I have said this a million times too – it seems so simple, so why not just do it, do what we are supposed to do- all the time – to make our lives amazing. I find that I slip back into that old way of thinking, dirty peptides. I need to get disappointed by something or angry for some reason, to feel alive. Sounds crazy, but that’s how our minds work.

Don’t make too much money, don’t be too happy, don’t let things go smoothly for too long, because then oh snap, the other shoe drops and it all falls apart. Well that’s just silly because it won’t happen that way IF we continue to stay connected, be in service, love one another. That’s why I feel repetitive, because it IS simple, when we do it.

I find that the only way to keep on track is to do the work, do it all and do it every day! I feel more calm, more happy, stronger, untouchable, giving, loving…when I do the work! It’s a constant, like taking care of your body. Eat the right stuff, feel great. THINK the right stuff, feel great and your life runs smoothly and that ripple effect goes out to everyone, everywhere!

MKE – Week 16 (year 3) KINDNESS

I feel like that sums it up! Kindness in a nutshell. It’s pretty amazing what happens when we deliberately look for and complete random acts of kindness. It changes everything…give more get more. Noticing others doing small acts and doing things myself just brightened the day, I smiled more, I felt really great. Like anything was possible. It seems so simple, yet we don’t do it enough. I realized that for sure this week. There is so much power in giving.

I also tried to focus on my sits. Focus on connecting and being present and thinking about my desires. Focusing in my sits helped me really take more control of my thoughts throughout the day. I felt lighter, more in tune, more relaxed. I always say to myself, “the Universe has my back” and I believe that. It’s as simple as knowing what you want, thinking about that and just working towards it…part of that is just being a good human and considering others. Sometimes I feel like we complicate things unnecessarily. Keeping it simple, keeping it real is what counts.

Be kind.

MKE – Week 15 – Time for a make over!! (year 3)

I LOVE the Franklin Makeover! Love looking for virtues in me and everyone, even my dog! The virtue I chose 1st was self-control! When we control our emotions, we win the game! BAM!

I noticed myself being more patient with my dog, with customers at my nutrition club, in traffic… I am back to the 7 day mental diet…squashing the swear words, the negative thoughts and comments. Just smiling and breathing and being grateful, constantly feeling that connection to the Universe!

I also noticed self control in people waiting and being patient with others. I battle shipped things as well….assuming people learned these virtues somehow with experiences in their lives. That was super neat! It just went on and on and went back further and further. Love that concept!

So looking forward to KINDNESS!! Just simple acts to make others feel better! It all comes back around 10 fold, that’s the beauty of it!

MKE – Weeks 13 and 14 – Realizations (year 3)

I’ve realized that I’ve let things slip, not getting on polos, not commenting in the members area, not flashing cards. Is that because I’ve done this before. I think so, not sure, convincing myself that I’m busy. I think of these things then dig back in. It’s every day, it’s every thought and it’s forever.

I have brought this to my sits. I always get the message to keep on going, I know what to do, so just do it….these kinds of things. The thing that struck me the most with lesson 14 was deeply concentrating on harmony! I had in my notes to think of harmony with the Universe, with everyone and everything…nature, the world. I found it extremely moving and powerful. To deeply consider harmony with the Universe. My mind was blow and not for the 1st time in this course.

My sits were peaceful and I considered being one with the Universe…being “from” Source. Just having the complete and deep connection with the Infinite, Source, Universe. How powerful to thing that my thoughts reach Source and what I think, desire, want, happen in some mysterious way. My thoughts are good for me, don’t take anyone else’s good and are done through service/giving. AND you know what, things just keep happening. Big things, little things….I think of them, let them go off into the Universe, trusting that the Universe has my back and before I know it BAM done deal!

For example, I was looking for a certain backpack (I’m a bag girl). I dislike shopping, but something made me go yesterday and at the checkout I saw this bag, got out of line, and when I went over, it was exactly what I was looking for. Another, my business is booming and more of my team are leaving to venture out onto their own….great for me and my business, but I have to keep filling their spots. Well, I asked how can I do this effectively and the answer came within a day. A friend called with the same issue and told me exactly what to do to solve it.

One more….I see cardinals a lot since my sister died. However, as of late, not many. So I thought about that and said, hmmm that’s interesting and it’d be really great to see one. As I was walking my dog today in the freshly fallen snow (she’s a snow dog for sure). She stopped and looked off into the distance and I happened to look up to see both a male and female cardinal. Breath taking. I looked to the sky with a huge smile and just said “thank you”.

The simple message here is just keep going, keep believing, keep thinking positively, lovingly about what you want. Be kind, help people, be in service to others and your life has to change and it has to bring you exactly what you want.

MKE – Weeks 11 & 12 (year 3)

I missed last week so let’s briefly touch on that! The one sentence DMP read for 50 minutes was spectacular. I loved it the 1st time I did it, so emotional and powerful. This time, though, I felt it! I smiled, I jumped up and down, I got silly then serious! BUT I know that I know that I know, it is happening! Such conviction while reading it! WOW!

The piles of cards was always a favorite of mine as well! It’s neat coming up with all the great things I’ve done. Brings back lots of memories. Then the smiles and reliving each time I “flash” them! It puts me in a great mood every time.

Now on to the gratitudes! I’ve been writing gratitudes for years but putting them on index cards and reading and re-reading them is much more powerful. It grounds me, reminds me to be grateful for the tremendous good in my life, all I have! I tend to forget that and get all poopy at the silliest things. Those cards remind me how really great my life is and to just keep moving forward and doing, thinking, and being good!

MKE – Week 10 (year 3) – DIG IN!

The week off from a webinar made me ask myself if I was really do everything to the best of my ability! I mean I understand that we have moments because the cement is chipping off and we are addicted to those old peptides and old habits are hard to break…but, we have the tools and we know what to do, so are we doing all the exercises, reads, connecting, all the time?

I notice when I’m resisting, that’s key! I notice but do I always do something about it? Crazy busy at my nutrition club and missing that noon time read. BUT it’s ok, because I’m busy, helping people, making money, building my empire! WHATEVER the case may be, it takes like 1 minute! Refusing the call?? WHY?

I remember my 1st year in the Master keys! I did every single thing, every single time, every single day! I felt amazing, untouchable, it’s hard to explain, but things were happening! I was blissful and felt electrified! ELECTRIFIED, now that’s HUGE! My sits felt like a minute and were so deep and satisfying. I was happy, content, calm, never had I felt that way before.

So here I sit in year 3, skipping some stuff and letting my old habits creep back in. WHY? Fear, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of the unknown, you name it! I think fear of staying in the same place and not getting exactly what I want and living to my full potential is the scariest thing of all!

It’s almost as if these little things that happen, that get overlooked or justified are tiny lessons to teach us, wake us up, maybe for us to look back on. Sometimes we need these tiny nudges often but if we really look and really pay attention, it’s all right in front of us. It’s all set up perfectly and unfolding perfectly.

The key is to get in the flow, surrender, let go and trust the process. Pretty sure I’ve said that before. That’s when we make the connection to the Universe and things happen. I love that!

AND the contributing to others, commenting in the members area, getting on the polos….I DID that all the time in year 1. Not so much this time around, a little reflection on that might be helpful! Maybe feeling guilty for not being in the flow and connected as I should be. Give more, get more! Time to STEP IT UP!