MKE – Weeks 11 & 12 (year 3)

I missed last week so let’s briefly touch on that! The one sentence DMP read for 50 minutes was spectacular. I loved it the 1st time I did it, so emotional and powerful. This time, though, I felt it! I smiled, I jumped up and down, I got silly then serious! BUT I know that I know that I know, it is happening! Such conviction while reading it! WOW!

The piles of cards was always a favorite of mine as well! It’s neat coming up with all the great things I’ve done. Brings back lots of memories. Then the smiles and reliving each time I “flash” them! It puts me in a great mood every time.

Now on to the gratitudes! I’ve been writing gratitudes for years but putting them on index cards and reading and re-reading them is much more powerful. It grounds me, reminds me to be grateful for the tremendous good in my life, all I have! I tend to forget that and get all poopy at the silliest things. Those cards remind me how really great my life is and to just keep moving forward and doing, thinking, and being good!

3 thoughts on “MKE – Weeks 11 & 12 (year 3)”

  1. Roberta, good for you for using gratitude so well and for realizing how very good you are. From your blog rover friend John.


  2. ‘Now on to the gratitudes!’

    I know they said ‘no repeats’ which I find more and more difficult the larger my piles get. I’ve decided to be a self-directed thinker — I don’t mind being grateful for something multiple times!


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