MKE – Week 21 (year 3) Tools for Expanding…

Those darn peptides! In the past, when I felt a negative emotion coming on, I would succumb to it and lose my darn mind, so to speak! It was like a drug, falling into that anger, self pity, complaining, whining…even if it was short lived!

Now, if I feel a tiny bit of it coming, I literally smile and breathe and think gratitude, abundance, joy. I feel alive! Knowing I can feel those things makes me understand that I am a feeling being. I can FEEL and attach any feeling to any thought. So I immediately change that possible negative to love and gratitude.

The great thing is that those icky feeling come way less than they used to, and I welcome them because now I can deal with them.


9 thoughts on “MKE – Week 21 (year 3) Tools for Expanding…”

  1. Hi, Roberta. As a 1st year, your blog gives me more confidence in two ways. First I love that you kept on keeping on after Year 1. Second, you give me HOPE as I improve daily. Thanks for Master Minding with me!


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