MKE – Week 16 (year 3) KINDNESS

I feel like that sums it up! Kindness in a nutshell. It’s pretty amazing what happens when we deliberately look for and complete random acts of kindness. It changes everything…give more get more. Noticing others doing small acts and doing things myself just brightened the day, I smiled more, I felt really great. Like anything was possible. It seems so simple, yet we don’t do it enough. I realized that for sure this week. There is so much power in giving.

I also tried to focus on my sits. Focus on connecting and being present and thinking about my desires. Focusing in my sits helped me really take more control of my thoughts throughout the day. I felt lighter, more in tune, more relaxed. I always say to myself, “the Universe has my back” and I believe that. It’s as simple as knowing what you want, thinking about that and just working towards it…part of that is just being a good human and considering others. Sometimes I feel like we complicate things unnecessarily. Keeping it simple, keeping it real is what counts.

Be kind.

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