MKE – Week 9 (year 3) It’s All Making Sense

Hard to believe we are in week 9 already! I will always do the exercises, reads, sits, gal in the glass! I’m hooked! It’s a total game changer. One of my favorite concepts is that we can attach any feeling to any thought! Really process that! We can feel however we want about anything at any moment! What power! We created our lives up to now…also WHAT POWER! Sooooo we can recreate them into anything we want. DO IT NOW! Geez, why on earth wouldn’t you?!

I have begun to say each night after the gal in the glass poem, “thank you for this amazing day, I am grateful and thank you for the wonderful, peaceful sleep I am about to have…” Then each morning I say, “what beautiful, magical miracle happens today?” I chant that everything is perfect, as it should be, I am in the flow, the Universe has my back. All things that keep me positive, moving forward, serving all, everything for the good of all. I just feel so damn good, electrified! I think of Mark saying enTHUsiasm!

I feel like my purpose is to just live a great life and have tiny pieces of it effect/rub off onto others. Show them that they too can do it! All the while, manifesting my heart’s desire. I always say, seems simple enough.

Today while walking my pup in the woods, it was peaceful and quiet and I just stopped. I was incredibly moved. I stopped and just marveled at the silence. I heard nothing. No one else was around, no wind, the lake was calm and quiet, and I just smiled and thought how beautiful and wonderful and blessed. Hard to put into words. I would not have noticed that before. I notice those little things so much more often now and I just reflect on how grateful I am and how astonishing the Universe is!

Until next week….keep smiling!

5 thoughts on “MKE – Week 9 (year 3) It’s All Making Sense”

  1. Noticing and appreciating the little things is so very important. Gratitude for what we have and what is on its way to us is a vital ingredient to our progress and overall happiness. I love your commitment and your total immersion into positivity. All the very Best.


  2. Roberta is in the FLOW!!! So exciting! You achieving your ideal life has begun a ripple that is eternal, touching and inspiring countless… much more than ‘tiny piece’. For that I am very grateful!!!


  3. ‘I stopped and just marveled at the silence. ‘

    I promise to be a grateful receiver of the gifts that surround me, noticing nature, smiles, and compliments to which I gladly receive with a THANK YOU!


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